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Vapour Blasting

Vapour blasting, also known as wet blast, is a mixture of super fine glass beads and water. The slurry mixture gently cleans the surface of non ferrous metal and other materials. See our Vapour Blast page for more information.

Super Finishing

To compliment our Vapour Blasting of non ferrous components we are able to offer in-house Super Finishing services to internal engine components to a very high specification. This highly specialised procedure can be seen on our Super Finishing page.



Ultrasonic cleaning, a very delicate way to remove surface impurities from your components. We can ultrasonic clean any materials, carburettors are our true speciality, we believe we do it differently. See our  Ultra sonic  link for more details of how we do it.2015-12-25 16.58.20


Just as it says wiring. We can tailor any of your custom wiring needs, from small repairs to major redesign, our speciality is to design race looms with the absolute basic necessary components.

2015-12-23 12.36.26


We do some considerable fabrication too. All of my own builds were completed with the use of our welding, turning and milling equipment.

2018-05-23 12.19.43

Surface Paints.

We are now able to offer a painting service to your engine components, with many requests for this after the vapour blasting, we can repaint your whole engine or just the cylinder heads and barrels, if desired. Take a look in our Paint Shop.

We have been trialing and testing many very well known brands of engine paints and enamels, some with very disappointing results in the way that they claim, anything from patchy finishing or very runny products making it almost impossible to spray into tight places without loading edges and creating runs. We are pleased to say that two very high temperature air cooled head and barrel paints both Alumimium and Black have been selected these are a air drying silicone based paint specifically formulated to enable the dried film to tolerate high temperatures of up to 600ºC and 300°C. At temperatures of up to 300ºC there is virtually no decomposition of the silicone binder. Above 300ºC the silicone is gradually driven off without charring or flaking of the paint. From 300 – 500ºC. The finish is still efficient because the pigment film sinters onto the metal surface.


Ricochet Engine Coatings.

We have also selected an exceptionally high quality specialist coating for the engine cases and covers. The very durable finish has outstanding resilience to chemicals. We have wiped oils, petrol, thinners and brake fluid, among others over this product and we can say that it out performs all other brands tested. If you can imagine wiping water over the surface then petrol behaves the same. At the moment we are able to offer a painted finish in matte, satin and gloss black as well as other certain Ral colours, we can not resell this coating. Whats even better is the product is military spec its whole design structure was for application to Aluminum and Magnesium and with a tolerance to higher temperatures safely and constant 220 degrees centigrade. Some will use a 2K product for engine painting and although a great product most manufacturers will say its not intended to be used as engine paints it was not developed for that purpose. I would not recommend our surface coating to finish your fuel tank. We were not allowed to buy the product outright there was a minor tweek in the ingredient to produce a formula that is now specific to Centurion Motorcycle Projects we therefore have our own product code for this coating. We have given it a name as a number means nothing, it is now known to us as. RICOCHET.


To compliment all the above works we can now also offer our Plating service, we have invested in a plating system and have an association with a manufacturer of various plating electrolytes and passivates. We are able to Bright Zinc you engine nuts and bolts as well as any other nut and bolt project you may have.


Centurion Silencers.

New for November we will have our very own range of Exhaust Silencers.