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Centurion Motorcycle Projects.

That’s us, what we do is exactly as our name2018-12-17 22.44.26. We carry out various motorcycle projects whether it be our own work and bike build projects or in most cases work for others. The whole thing has developed as some things do from a simple passion for two wheels and probably a huge and in some cases the bad influence of a pair of very good friends and brothers the Feeley’s. Yep, Ian and Andy, that’s them to the right. Don’t worry about the fella in the middle that’s just Freddie Spencer. You’ll see a lot of them on our site here as the pair of them do try and knock seven bells out of each other on various race circuits both here and abroad. They have built both their race bikes and you can find a full blog of there builds by clicking on these links Ian’s Build and Andy’s Build I’ll warn you now they are both a bad influence, Ian was that school kid your mam didn’t want you to knock about with. If you were a Lemming he’d have you off the cliff edge.

Tongue in cheek.

Our Dialogue will be very much tongue in cheek. We’re no corporate company and as you will see I am very much more an oily fingered individual that would rather be working in the workshop than attempting some sort of Queens English, and as for typing I’ll say no more.

The site here is put together by me and you can be assured that I.T type stuff is not my forte. To be honest I’m trying to keep it simple and clean with no nonsense. The objective is to put my works in the various categories on the tabs above for you to browse and hopefully find helpful and informative. To get a better idea of what we’re about you can tap on our Home page this will show you some of our services. If you have any enquiries we have a contact page above or you can click here.

The Name.

Centurion wasn’t the first thought, in fact it came about by chance and is appropriate to our location. We live and work effectively on top of Hadrian’s Wall here in Northumberland.cropped-40358172_1262269787264670_3835604643723870208_n2.png Andy (above), was all for having it KATO Projects or something like that. Yep after the name of his lovely border terrier  KATO, that’s her below trying to look like the builders mate that she is. What she really does is sleep all day. Turns out though, one day outside with my neighbour Colin we were discussing whilst looking at one of my builds,  “what would you call a bike?”. At the same time we could hear a fight reenactment going on at the Chester’s Roman Fort. That was it, the bike was standing big and bold and the name for both the bike and the site was decided. CENTURION.2016-04-06 19.19.06


To showcase our services we attend Rufforth Auto Jumble every month. We have an indoor stall where we show pieces of our vapour blasting samples and superfinishing samples. This is a fantastic opportunity for us to see, meet and discus what we do with our customers both potential and current. We use Rufforth as a drop off and collection place too. It’s very simple if you want to bring your parts rather than post.

Our Site.

You can find out what our main activities are by checking out the various tabs below our main logo above. There’s four tabs concerning our works then a portfolio tab, this tab has a drop down menu, you can open our activities there and if you find something of interest just click on it. This will open that item for you to browse. At this point I must thank young Shaun, he has effectively put the background of this site together and can keep an eye on what I’m messing up. He can deal with the hosting technicalities and things like Google analytics, so thanks Shaun your a star.

The Gallery tab.

A boat load of pictures here, some will have a link if you feel like you want to take a gander at that project just tap on the link and hey presto you’re there. However there are no references to Country and Western music or line dancing so sorry if that’s your thing.


2017 Has been very special, the Centurion motorcycle was completed see its build here. The bike got noticed by ACS, a Facebook group and website forum.

The founder John Martin asked if I would be willing to take the bike to Stafford Motorcycle show, with apprehension I decided I would. I was about to put a bike in front of others that I deem to be outstanding machines. This bike of mine being my first from the ground build – nervous was not the word. That has since been followed by Newark show twice, once at Donnington and two at Manchester followed by another Stafford. This group has become very special to me. John and his partner/wife/and boss Flo have accepted me into the group as though I’m a long time friend. I have met some great guys through the group I’d like to call friends and not just the facebook type, they know who they are, but just a shout out to Gary, Pete, Pete H, Big Jim, Richard, Paul, Dave, Kevin, Andy, Robin, Dave T, Tony G-P, Simon K, and Matt who I managed to increase his heart rate ten fold, sorry Matt. One who made me very comfortable with my introduction to the crew Leo, he has one very special build RAGE, I’ll try and get a picture in the gallery. Not forgetting Paul Morris who seems to have a multiple of himself he gets everywhere and a nice bloke too. There will be a name or two I’ve missed but to all thanks fellas for making me welcome and participating with a few beers here and there, cheers.

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