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Nighthawk Honda Rocker Cover.

A complete transformation of this Honda rocker cover, shown here is vapour blast preparation, it then went on to be finished in our Richochet coating.

Ricochet Aluminium

We think we’ve nailed it here with our Ricochet Aluminium match, its a difficult one as one Aluminium can be different from the next. the first picture below is raw vapour blasted, the second picture is coated in our very special Ricochet coating. Its… Continue Reading “Ricochet Aluminium”

Magnesium and Black.

From a Suzuki race engine, these Magnesium engine covers have been fully striped of there manufacturers paint then fully vapour blasted to prepare them for our very own Ricochet engine coating. Once we have them back to a raw metal then we apply our… Continue Reading “Magnesium and Black.”

One of our Black Enamel Honda casing covers

This is one of our Enamel finished engine covers, it was cleaned and fully de greased, then Vapour Blasted to fully prepare the surface. Its then finished in our specially selected Gloss Black.  

The Heat Is On.

Here’s our first blog post on the new painting services that we’re offering. It’s the hot stuff. Yes the hot stuff worth saying again, up to 600°C temp paint for the air cooled fins that we’re coming across a lot with our vapour blasting… Continue Reading “The Heat Is On.”