Category: Super Finishing

Crankshaft Transformation.

Here we have a Honda cb550 crankshaft, this is from a current build I’m doing for myself. The whole bike is to be rebuilt and modified so far things are going well obviously its now striped to every part and the crankshaft is where… Continue Reading “Crankshaft Transformation.”

Keeping an eye on things.

We constantly monitor whats going on with our superfinishing, we have to be honest it could be seen from the end results that the surface is just polished, that’s very true the end result is a highly polished item. However we see that as… Continue Reading “Keeping an eye on things.”

Husqvarna Competition Gearbox.

Moto X competition gearbox here, a baby one all the same but a fine example of superfinishing in competitive racing this 65cc machine has all the stress of its bigger brothers if not more.

Suzuki cams.

These cams are from a Suzuki GSXR 1000 they where a sample experiment from a performance engine builder in Newcastle, he gave them to us to Superfinish, you can see the first stage of our process completely blackens the cams first. The first picture… Continue Reading “Suzuki cams.”

Suzuki GSXR1100 Cams

Here’s a pair of Suzuki GSXR1100 cams. The results here were fantastic, these things are seriously slick, awesome result.