Category: Vapour Blasting

Nighthawk Honda Rocker Cover.

A complete transformation of this Honda rocker cover, shown here is vapour blast preparation, it then went on to be finished in our Richochet coating.

New O-Ring Pack

We have put together a new O-Ring pack for the Mikuni CV round slide carburetor bank that’s used throughout the 80’s on multiple Suzuki models from the GS550-GS1100 Katanas and various others. The kit contains 32 of the highest quality Viton rubber O-Ring seals… Continue Reading “New O-Ring Pack”

GS1000 Suzuki Rocker Cover

There’s not much to be said about the process of Vapour Blasting aluminium components the finish speaks for itself, there simply is nothing to match it. A nice 40 year old Suzuki rocker cover completely transformed.  


A satisfied customer returns, this time with another BMW cylinder head. Results are very good and he’s very happy.

Mikuni RS Flat Slides

A nice set of Mikuni RS Flat Slides came our way for the Vapour Blast process turned out very nice indeed, two had blocked passage ways, they were supplied in the condition on the following pictures. All four were vapour blasted, meticulously rinsed and… Continue Reading “Mikuni RS Flat Slides”