Custom Wiring Looms

All Wired Up.

We can tailor your wiring loom needs to your own requirements. From small sub looms to full race looms and more. We can design from your specifications, or you can allow us to simply wire that machine for you to ride away. Take a look at our portfolio page under Wiring Looms. We have some fantastic examples of our projects and will be adding to it as works are completed.


Electronic ignition upgrades can be undertaken and we can set the ignition timing up for you. All you need do is supply the electronic kit you desire. Getting rid of those old points in your air cooled four for example.

Sub Loom.

As part of our full or race looms we make sub loom assemblies as the manufacturers do. For example the start/kill switch is it’s own component with sub loom to plug and socket connection. We have seen so many situations where looms are point to point with no connections, another example where a rev counter with built in wires fixed into a loom  with no means of disconnection. Clean and tidy but totally impractical if it’s to be removed, side cutters being the only way. Ours are plug and socket or bullet connectors for easy connection, you wont find us wiring to a stator, electronic pick up, solenoid, light assembly, or anything removable without connection facility.

Equipment and mounting.

We can supply all the equipment necessary for your new loom projects however if your very specific about your application we’re more than happy to fit what you supply. In some cases this is better as you may have a particular styling in mind or have a classic style in a build project for example.

We can also fabricate mounting structures for the necessary components, however this is very time consuming and can add costs that you may want to talk about first.

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Want to get really modern then it could be motogaget take a look at their website and see if it’s for you. In some cases it’s a must.

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